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World’s Best Custom Leather Printing Specialists

Leathergenix is the leading custom leather printing company in the world, according to World Leather Magazine. Our innovative technology allows us to print any graphic, design or photo on genuine leather with no cracking. The Leathergenix leather printing technique was developed by couture leather designer Mychael Darwin.  The Award Winning designer Mychael Darwin is known for designing some of the world’s most luxurious leather jackets for many of our biggest celebrities, athletes and socialites. 

Drawing from years of experience in custom leather jacket design, Mychael Darwin and the Leathergenix team have perfected quality leather printing of high-intensity art and graphic images on leather.   Leathergenix takes any graphic design, print or photo and reproduces it into a near exact detailed leather print that’s actually printed not on, but “into” the actual genuine leather hide. 

Our special developed inks are proprietary and exclusive to Leathergenix. Our technique is one-of-a-kind; and recreates images in fine, living color detail.  Unlike older outdated methods, such as screen-printing and heat-transfer printing which are labor intensive and slow, our Leathergenix printing is soft to the hand with no fading or cracking, providing a timeless quality to each leather print.  Leathergenix is dedicated to creating stunning custom printed leather pieces for your next project in fashion apparel, home décor, automotive interiors, aircraft industry interiors, and more.

For samples or information from Leathergenix custom leather printing, please don’t hesitate to contact us at: design@leathergenix.com or go to our contact us page.



best leather printing brand in usa

2006 - Leathergenix was the first to create printed leather jackets.

best leather printing brand in usa

2009- Leathergenix was the first to create printed leather handbags.

best leather printing brand in usa

2015- Leathergenix was the first to create all printed leather bottom shoe soles.