Frequently Asked


Can I print on my own leather?

It depends. Sometimes we can and sometimes we can’t. But we can always print on our proprietary leathers. So give us a ring, let’s talk and let’s find the right solution for your project.


Can I get a custom sample with my own image/artwork?

Yes. Of course. See below. All samples include a $350 artwork set up fee.


What is the average turn-around time for a custom sample print?

Custom sample prints are completed within 7 business days.

Already made sample prints are shipped within 24 – 48 hours of purchase Monday – Friday.


Can I get an already made sample with an image?

Yes, we have samples already pre-printed for a nominal costs.  We can ship you a small sample for $50 plus tax and shipping.  Please visit the Sample Request page to place your order.


What is the cost of printing my own art onto a custom leather print sample?

A custom sample print with your own artwork is typically:

-$29 per square foot

-Plus a $250 Design Set Up fee

-Plus $75 for an Art Profile to set the proper tones and colors for your print


Can you print on colored leather?

Yes we can. Please call us for details.


Can you print on Vegan, or non leather sustainable materials?

Yes we can.  Please call us for details.

Note – for certain materials there is a trial and development process to master the print.