Leather Printing In California

If you are wondering why your leather printing is cracking or fading, chances are it wasn’t done by Leathergenix leather printing in California. Not to brag, but we have been there and mastered that –giving our international and local leather printing clients flawless long-lasting printed leather goods with their own unique custom prints artwork.

While we can’t give our secret sauce away, we can tell you that our 30 plus years of experience in leather printing a variety of leather goods and custom leather printing has served our clients well in understanding the process and technique to create visually impressive and long lasting leather printing.

If you want to try our custom leather printing services based in Los Angeles for yourself, we encourage you to either order an already-made sample with one of our graphics OR you can order a custom print(custom print costs apply and a quote is provided). We love bringing to life beautiful images in living leather color. Leathergenix, is the premier Leather Printer based in Los Angeles, California helping clients with their leather printing needs in the US and beyond. We serve clients with leather printing for categories such as leather apparel, leather accessories, leather interiors, leather automotive interiors, and aeronautic interiors and more from coast to coast and internationally. Leathergenix is known for being the best in leather printing.